Supernatural Adventure

A young necromancer and her companion are swept up in an event that could spell doom for the entire world. MATURE READERS ONLY

Updates Wednesdays
The Deadlys: Next Haunt™

After a time twisting event, The Deadlys return. But have they returned to a past that is the same as they remember? Only time will tell...

Available Online & Print
Pop Culture / Workplace
Please Rewind™ Classic

The original series that was based on the (often hyperbolic) adventures of a group of video store clerks in the late 90's.

Updates Mondays & Fridays
Slice-Of-Life / Surreal
The Asylumantics: Off Our Meds™

The Wrenwood gang is back and if you thought they were wild before, you haven't seen anything yet!

Available In Print
Comedic / Super Hero
Atomic Belch Man™: The Lost Collection

A collection of lost comics from the 90’s. Drawn on notebook paper in ink pen. No editing, no spell checking.

Available In Print

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