Original Publication: Jun. 1993 – Jun. 1994
Genre: Comedic Super Hero
Availability: Printed TPB

Series Synopsis

Atomic Belch Man™ is a figure unlike any you’ve probably seen. While at first glance he appears to be a hero, he is actually a plague upon the citizens he supposedly protects, often inflicting untold amounts of pain on them before being distracted by some super villain stupid enough to get his attention.

Aside from having super strength and being nearly indestructible, he has the ability to conjure insanely destructive belches that few foes can withstand. Rumor has it that he gained this ability when he drank a soda that had been radioactively charged. The power changed his internal organs and allowed him to generate massive forces without killing himself.

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Series History

The original series was “published” as a 12 issue series of hand made comics. Each one drawn on notebook paper with ink pen. These stories only existed in their original copies for over 20 years until they were republished as a trade.

During their original creation in the 90’s, they would be passed around my high school and each reader (thankfully) returned the issue to me intact when they were done with it.

The issues still exist and are kept filed away in my private archives.