Please Rewind™ Storyline Archive

From The Perverted Ashes It Rises
Hank purchases the old Jubblies adult video store and plans to convert it into a regular video outlet.
Delegation of Duty
Hank and Tony give up cleaning the store for the day and head off to see a movie. At least, that’s the goal.
Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
One night while leaving his store, Hank is abducted by aliens.
The Betrayal
Hank and Tony go to war when Tony starts a Get-Ur-Flix subscription.
Egotistic Video Phenomenon
When Tony accidentally records over his Thundercats tape, he gets an offer of help from an unlikely source.
Boob Tube
While reviewing a screener for a drunk college girls video, the guys see a face that they instantly recognize.
The Pumpkin King
In an effort to win a pumpkin carving contest, Tony orders a special device that unfortunately warps his mind.
Pirates of the Boobie Coast
When Monique wears an unusually skimpy outfit to the Pirates premiere, Hank finds himself freakishly distracted.
Wally's Swim World
As the heat gets too unbearable in the store, the gang retreat to the local swimming pool.
Holiday Trappings
When a freak snow storm traps the trio in the store, their evening worsens as quickly as the weather outside.
Magic is a Lie
Tony hits his head on a table and thinks he's a wizard. Unfortunately, his delusion is about to run head long into reality.
Sub-standard Diet
On the day that Hank declares himself to be on a diet, his favorite sub shop opens up next door sending him into a calorie crisis.
For Love of the Cake
Tony agrees to sponsor a kids baseball team horrifying Hank when he finds out it’s one of the worst teams in the league. Despite this, he is determined to get his money’s worth or kill them trying.
A Nerd of My Own
When Tony is stood up at the movies by Hank, he meets a girl that seems to be his perfect match.