Necroblivion™ Storyline Archive

Chapter 1
First Come, First Served
As we join the uncanny duo, they are on the brink of discovering a very important treasure.
Chapter 2
No Strangers To Death
After a rather disappointing outing, Umbra and Ximm drown their sorrows in booze until they are approached by a man with an offer.
Chapter 3
Enough To Wake The Dead
Never one to back down from a challenge, Umbra arrives at the old cemetery to fulfill her contract.
Chapter 4
The Nightmare Awakens
Much to their chagrin, the duo discover who it was they resurrected the other night.
Chapter 5
Talk Nerdy To Me
To try and discover just how bad they screwed up, the duo head to the Onidex – A massive library of ancient knowledge. But in order to get what she needs, Umbra will have to use her “charm” to get inside.
Chapter 6
Change Your Perspective
Still concerned about the growing unrest inside her, Umbra seeks out the council of an old friend.
Chapter 7
A Demon Walks Into A Bar
Back in her room, Umbra makes a few modifications to her suit for her “new form”.