After working for years as a video store clerk in the ’90s, creator Chris M. Cantrell decided to take his experiences and create a strip that simultaneously celebrated and poked fun at pop culture and all it offered.  In 2004 when the strip launched, the world was introduced to the Nerdly Trio™, a group of loveable, nerdish characters who had no choice but to eat, sleep and live movies, video games and pop culture.

There was Hank, the large and loud member who owned the video store.  His appetite for success is only outweighed by his desire for food.  Tony, who is the best friend of Hank and has an unhealthy addiction to sugar and cartoons.  Last, and certainly not least, there was Tony’s sister Monique. Brought on after the opening to help, she quickly found her footing and can hold her own when it comes to the pop culture landscape.

3d cover of PR comic strip collection

Since it’s original six year run, the series has remained available in print.  You can get your own copy of this 250 page collection today along with other great PR comics!

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